Dismantling and Site Clearance

At DA Environmental services we offer dismantling and site clearance as well as demolition, asbestos removal, surveying and sampling.

Site clearance

D A Environmental Services understand that site clearance is an important part of many construction and demolition projects. It involves clearing the site to allow other remedial, treatment or demolition works to take place before the actual construction works can begin. Our work will involve clearing the site of any machinery or equipment, unwanted materials and hazardous waste. We will also involve clearing any vegetation and surface soil, and levelling and preparing the ground for any planned construction work.

Site clearance in Gloucestershire

Strip out

D A Environmental Services can provide dismantling and ’ soft-strip’ services clearing the way for refurbishment projects. Our trained operatives will remove all unwanted, non-structural elements of a building. It is our objective to separate waste materials during the strip out in order to enable maximum recycling.

If you are interested in any of the above services please contact us today for a free quotation.

Man inside doing some demolition
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